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Tiled conservatory roof

Transform your conservatory with Chameleon

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Tiled Roofing
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Tiled conservatory roofs

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Tiled Conservatory Roofing

Are you looking to make better use of your conservatory? Had enough of it being so hot you could grow tomatoes in it in the summer and the added expense of bleached furniture from extreme sunlight?
And at the other end of the scale it being an icebox during the winter as glass and polycarbonate have poor insulation value!

As a result, people can be left with a room that they gain no enjoyment from and suffer high heating bills during the winter months.
Here at Chameleon Conservatory Solutions we have the expertise and state of the art roofing systems to transform your conservatory into the functioning living space that you dreamed it would be our with tiled conservatory roof installation

40 year guarantee

40 Year guarantee

on the roof tile from the manufacturers demonstrates a quality product and service.

20 years experience

20 years' experience

Fitted by our team of dedicated and highly skilled professional tradesman, with over 20 year's experience.

Reduced energy costs

Reduced energy costs

on the roof tile from the manufacturers demonstrates a quality product and service.

Reduced noise pollution

Reduced noise pollution

Slightly reduced noise pollution from the rain impacting on your conservatory roof.

Transform your conservatory with Chameleon

Would you like us here at Chameleon to transform your conservatory for you and enjoy it being...

  • Up to 80% warmer in the winter
  • Up to 70% cooler in the summer
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Significantly reduced noise pollution from rain

Our LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approved roofing systems will meet your needs perfectly. Fitted by tradesmen with over 20 years’ experience.
Each system is fitted to the approved specification of the LABC and can also be inspected on site by the LABC during construction if the customer requires.
Because at Chameleon Conservatory Solutions it is our sole aim to provide customers with a quality service, using quality products to give complete peace of mind.
We at Chameleon Conservatory Solutions use a lightweight tiled roof system from recognised manufacturers such as Tapco and Metrotile, who have been market leaders in lightweight roofing systems for 30 years.

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Warmer in Winter
Cooler in Summer
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tiled roofing for conservatories
Tiled Conservatory roof Products We Use

We only use the best products giving the best performance and energy efficiency

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